Kamis, 15 April 2010

ebook militer - Britain's Secret War. The Indonesian Confrontation 1962

Ini ebook agak nyebelin (spoiler).
Karena yg menang inggrisnya yang kalah Indonesia-nya... well ..
biarpun Indonesia-nya adalah antek PKI (anggota teroris komunis
malaysia dibantu pasukan sukarelawan Indonesia) . tetapi tetap

Sayangnya nggak ada cerita tentang keberhasilan pasukan RPKAD selama
konfrontasi di Sarawak yach.

Will Fowler, Britain's Secret War. The Indonesian Confrontation 1962
(Men at Arms 431)
Osprey Publishing | ISBN 9781846030482 | July 5 2006 | PDF | 48 pages | 9,50 Mb

The 'Confrontation' between Malaysia and Indonesia in Borneo - the war
against Indonesian raids across a 900-mile border - eventually
involved nearly 20,000 British and Commonwealth troops, with air and
naval support; and yet, by mutual consent, astonishingly little was
reported at the time. This 'secret war' saw the perfection of SAS
jungle tactics and audacious secret missions deep inside enemy
territory, including the award to a Gurkha soldier of the British
Army's only 'living VC' for 40 years. This book will reveal the
experiences of the soldiers who survived and succeeded amidst some of
the world's worst jungle terrain.


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