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Osprey - Elite 144 - US World War II Amphibious Tactics :
Mediterranean & European Theaters
Osprey Publishing | September 2006 | 64 pages | ISBN: 9781841769547 |
PDF | 58,1 Mo

The US armed forces pioneered amphibious warfare in the Pacific and by
the time of the D-day landings they had perfected the special
equipment and tactics necessary for this extraordinarily difficult and
risky form of warfare. This fact-packed study details the doctrine,
equipment and tactics that evolved between the North African landings
of November 1942 and those in the South of France in August 1944, and
illustrates many aspects of the physical realities of assault landings
through the use of photos, diagrams and color plates.

Contents :

# Introduction
# Prewar development of amphibious doctrine – US Army vs US Navy
# Evolution of doctrine and techniques: operations in North Africa –
Sicily – Anzio – Normandy
# Evolution of training
# Organization of amphibious and landing forces
# Command and control of operations
# Amphibious warfare ships & landing craft

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