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ebook militer - New Vanguard - Swiming Sherman

David Fletcher, Swimming Shermans. Sherman DD amphibious tank of World
War II (New Vanguard 123)
Osprey Publishing | ISBN 9781841769837 | May 10 2006 | PDF | 48 pages | 53,0 Mb

The Sherman DD (Duplex Drive) tank was a brilliant innovation; the
design and development of a tank that could float and even 'swim' in
water was controversial. Each tank was enveloped in a waterproofed
canvas screen, launched at sea from landing craft and then 'swam' to
shore, where the screens were deflated, allowing the tanks to operate
as fighting vehicles. This book discusses the Sherman DD's many
variants, including the prototype Valentine DD tank and examines the
successes and tragic failures on the beaches of Normandy and further
into North-West Europe, including the challenge of crossing the River


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