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ebook militer - Osprey Elite ; Finland at War

Finlandia termasuk dikagumi kemampuan perangnya, karena dengan jumlah
rakyat yang sedikit mampu membuat repot pasukan dalam jumlah yang
besar (pasukan soviet).
Disini dibahas mengenai solusi-solusi cerdas pasukan Finlandia selama
perang dunia ke II melawan soviet (winter war's)

Philip Jowett, Brent Snodgrass, Finland at War 1939 (Elite 141)
Osprey Publishing | ISBN 9781841769691 | July 5 2006 | PDF | 64 pages | 22,40 Mb

In the face of Soviet invasion in 1939, and once again in 1941, the
armies raised by Finland a tiny nation of only 4 million people -
astonished the world by their effective resistance. At the end of both
these campaigns the Winter War, and the Continuation War the fiercely
patriotic defiance of vastly stronger Soviet forces by Marshal
Mannerheim's soldiers won their country a unique prize: although
forced to accept harsh terms, Finland was never occupied by the Red
Army, and retained its independence. This book explains and
illustrates, for the first time in English, the organization,
uniforms, equipment and tactics of Finland's defenders.


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