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ebook militer - New Vanguard - German Battlecruiser

Gary Staff, German Battlecruisers 1914�C18 (New Vanguard 124)
Osprey Publishing | ISBN 9781846030093 | June 1 2006 | PDF | 48 pages | 45,4 Mb

The task of Germany's new Grosse Kreuzer at the beginning of the 20th
century was to form an independent reconnaissance division that was
able to perform special tasks. With a speed superiority of at least 3
knots, they should also be capable of fighting in the line, and would
thus require heavy armour and good defensive qualities. The
battlecruisers that were built did indeed have a remarkable ability to
withstand battle damage, as demonstrated by the Goeben, which suffered
five mine hits on one occasion. This title details all the classes of
German battlecruiser, with particular emphasis on each individual
ship's battle experience and deployment in conflict.

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