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Nigel Thomas, K Mikulan, The Yugoslav Wars (2) Bosnia, Kosovo and
Macedonia 1992 C2001 (Elite 146)
Osprey Publishing | ISBN 9781841769646 | November 10 2006 | PDF | 64
pages | 29,60 Mb

Following the death of the Yugoslavian President Tito in 1980, the
semi-autonomous republics and provinces that he had welded into a
multi-cultural nation in 1945 slid gradually towards separation. For
ten years following 1991, the world watched in horror as a series of
bloody wars ripped a modern European state apart, and the intolerable
spectacle eventually forced international intervention. Illustrated
with rare photos and colour uniform plates, this second of two volumes
by experts on the Balkan region offers a concise breakdown of the
indigenous forces involved in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kosovo and


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