Rabu, 12 Mei 2010

ebook militer - Dambusters in focus

Dambuster - Salah satu penemuan inovatif pasukan sekutu (yg jarang dibahas atas inovasinya). mengebom bendungan-bendungan penting di Jerman dengan bom yang bisa menggelinding.

ebook ini mengenang skuadron dambuster selama perang dunia ke II.


Dambusters: The Photographic Album of 617 Squadron at War 1943 -1945 (In Focus)
Red Kite | 2007 | ISBN: 0954620189 | English | 67*2 Pages | PDF | 51,8 MB

617 Squadron was formed in 1943 for a special mission to destroy the great Rhur Dams. Its exploits on the night of 16/17 May when two dams were successfully breached helped ensure that the 'Dambuster' squadron would be forever in the public conciousness. This book concentrates on the photographic coverage of the squadron from its formation in 1943 right through to its last wartime mission against Hitler's Eagle's Nest in May 1945. Personalities, raids and tactics are all featured in fact boxes to compliment the 250 plus original wartime photographs. All images are reproduced to the highest standards on high quality art paper as part of Red Kite's hugely popular 'In Focus' series. This book is a must for all Dambuster enthusiasts.




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