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ebook militer - Modelling the T-55 MBT

Ebook tentang tank russia (uni soviet).
Entah kenapa gua cinta banget ama tank-tank russia. Kemungkinan karena bentuknya semi-semi brutal (baca : tradisional).. jadi keliatannya lebih rugged (kasar). Meskipun ternyata secara practical kalah ama tank-tank negara barat.


Modelling the T-55 Main Battle Tank

Modelling the T-55 Main Battle Tank (Osprey Modelling 20)
Osprey Publishing | 2005 | ISBN: 1841769002 | English | 103 Pages | PDF | 55,8 MB

The T-55 tank first appeared in 1958, and its lineage stretches back to the wartime T-34 and the T-44. It served with many armed forces, including the Warsaw Pact countries, Afghanistan, Angola, Cambodia, China, Croatia, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, North Korea, Poland, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Vietnam, and Yugoslavia, and has seen action most recently in the two Gulf Wars. This title focuses on the basics of assembly and finishing, together with more advanced modelling projects using conversion kits and extensive scratchbuilding, covering both 1/35- and 1/72-scale versions.




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