Rabu, 12 Mei 2010

ebook militer - sturmgezucht and its variant.

Sturngeschutz & Its Variants

Sturmgezuchts... salah satu tank favorit jerman PD II. Well benernya bukan tank sech lebih tepatnya tank destroyer / assault gun. Tapi emang simple banget dan keren abisss..

di ebook ini dibahas semua variantnya.

Sturngeschutz & Its Variants: (The Spielberger German Armor & Military Vehicles Series, Vol II)
Schiffer Publishing | 1993 | ISBN: 0887403980 | English | 255 Pages | PDF | 121,4 MB

Known for its emphasis on detail, the Spielberger series shows in factory, test and combat photographs, and detailed line drawings, all production models, prototypes and modifications of specific armor and military vehicles. Volume II on the Sturmgeschutz assault guns, shows all short and long gun versions, as well as the various support vehicles of the Sturmartillerie.




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