Sabtu, 27 Maret 2010

ebook militer - "The Big War"

Anton Myrer, "The Big War"
Publisher: Harper Perennial | 2001-12-01 | ISBN 0060934735 | PDF | 512
pages | 1.35 MB

They were our husbands, our fathers, our lovers, our sons. They were
Americans and Marines. And this is their story: The Big War, Anton
Myrer's panoramic novel of Marines in the Pacific in World War II.
This is the story of Alan Newcombe, the Boston society Harvard man;
Danny Kantaylis, the natural-born leader; Jay O'Neill, the barroom
scrapper. Myrer does not glorify war; he does not flinch from
describing what the actual experience of warfare was like for a
desperate group of Marines trapped in some of the worst fighting
conditions of the war. We learn about their lives at home and their
fates on the battlefield.

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