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ebook militer - The Parola Armour Museum

ebook tentang museum tank di Finlandia.

Pekka Kantakoski - The Parola Armour Museum
Parola Museum | 1998 | ISBN: N/A | 60 pages | DJVU | 21.44 MB

The Armour Museum in Parola is maintained by Panssarikilta r.y. (The
Finnish Armour Guild), a voluntary defense organisation with about
3000 members. The main purpose of the Guild is to promote and preserve
the military tradition of the tank troops and the armoured artillery.
The Guild also publishes the «Panssari»-magazine, a leading
publication for tank-men of all ages since the year 1952. In those
days, the association was called «The Tank Troops Supportive
Organisation», a name which soon was exchanged for the more colloquial
Panssarikilta, i.e. The Armour Guild. The Museum is financed solely by
the ticket income. It does not receive any support from the government
or other public organisations whatsoever. Due to this inconvenience,
the Museum can be held open only during the summer months, and most of
the exhibits have to be kept in open-air. A substantial part of the
special exhibitions that would feature history of actions and deeds of
the armoured troops are therefore unfortunately impossible to arrange.
The Armour Museum at Parola was opened on June 18, 1961. It strives to
describe the Finnish Tank Troops and their activities in war and
peace-time, exhibiting equipment and vehicles. The Armour Museum at
Parola is unique throughout the world through its valuable collection
of German and Russian tanks and other armoured fighting vehicles - all
of which , with some few exceptions, have served with the Finnish


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