Kamis, 11 Maret 2010

Ebook militer - MiG-29 (Famous Russian Aircraft Series)

Ebook militer tentang Mig-29.
Sayang ini pesawat tidak sempat membuktikan kehebatannya (karena
Soviet union keburu runtuh)... yach nasib dech.

Yefim Gordon, "Mikoyan MiG-29 (Famous Russian Aircraft Series)"
Publisher:Midland Counties | ISBN: 1857802314 | Illustrated edition
(February 1, 2007) | PDF | 512 pages | 97 MB

This is the second title in the Midland Famous Russian Aircraft
series, which examines in great detail some of the most significant
aircraft produced by the Soviets over the years. This complete
monograph covers the MiG-29 from every possible angle. It not only
details all the latest versions of the MiG-29 which have not been
covered in the Western press, such as the MiG-29M2 (MRCA), MiG-29OVT,
and the Indian version of the MiG-29K/KUB currently under development,
but it also covers the insignia carried by the MiG-29 in the various
air forces operating the type, including regimental and squadron
badges and nose art. The book also includes a full listing of the
Russian air force units operating the MiG-29 and fleet lists of the
MiG-29s operated by non-Russian air arms which acquired the aircraft.
As well as being of great interest to aviation historians, the book
will also attract aviation modelers. Much of the content will appeal
to this market, as it contains a large selection of scale drawings of
MiG-29 variants from the files of the Mikoyan Design Bureau, as well
as three cutaway drawings. Numerous color side views depict the MiG-29
in service with Russian air force units and those of other nations.


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