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ebook militer Su-27: Famous Russian Aircraft (Famous Russian Aircraft S.)

Pesawat tempur Su-27... yach.. Indonesia punya satu skuadron pesawat ini.
Sayang perang udah berubah jadi asimetric warfare, alias perang antara
bandit-bandit pengacau keamanan dan aparat. (rakyat sipil jadi

Tapi yach lumayan lah ini ebook buat dikagum-kagumin.

Su-27 ini btw adalah salah satu pesawat tempur air superiority
terbesar di kelasnya. Karena yach ukurannya emang besar banget.

Sukhoi Su-27: Famous Russian Aircraft (Famous Russian Aircraft S.)
ISBN: 1857802314 | PDF | 594 pages | 87 MB

In the late 1960s, the Soviet Union became aware that the U.S. was
developing a new generation of jet fighters that had an exceptional
range, heavy armor, and great agility in the air. These U.S. aircraft,
the F-14 Tomcat, F-15 Eagle, F-16 Fighting Hornet, and F/A-18 Hornet
dominated U.S. air power for three decades. In the context of the Cold
War, the Soviets could not be seen to be lagging behind the Americans.
Their response to these new U.S.aircraft was the Sukhoi Su-27 Flanker,
which was designed as a long-range air superiority aircraft and

The first of the modified pre-production aircraft appeared in 1981,
but it was not until 1984 that significant numbers of the Su-27
started to enter service. Eventually some 680 Su-27 were built for the
Soviets, of which 400 remain in service with the Russian Tactical Air
Force today. Outside of Russia, the Su-27 is also in service with the
Chinese, and on the inventories of the air forces of Vietnam,
Malaysia, Ethiopia, Indonesia, Syria, and Angola.

This book describes in depth the development, operational career,
history, and variants within the Su-27 family. The book incorporates
color and black and white photos to portray some of the various
camouflage schemes carried by the type in Soviet, Russian, and other
air forces over the past two decades.

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