Senin, 15 Maret 2010

Ebook militer - The U-Boat War (Images of War)

Ebook militer - images of War series ini berisi gambar-gambar (photo)
tentang U-boat german selam perang dunia ke-2.

Cocok buat yg males baca tapi seneng liat gambar dan keterangannya
(kayak gua.. hehehe).

Mulai dari masa jayanya U-boat 1939 sampai masa-masa kelam di akhir
perang dunia ke-2.

Pen & Sword | 2008 | ISBN: 1844157865 | 132 Pages | PDF | 33 MB

The U-Boat war is a unique visual record of Hitler`s infamous
submarine fleet and a grim account of those that lived, worked and
risked their lives stalking the depths of the Atlantic and
Mediterranean seas.
The book analyses the development of the U-boat, the recruitment and
training, and reveals how the crews tried to destroy essential Allied
supplies across the Atlantic and bring Britain to its knees. Using
some 250 rare and unpublished photographs together with detailed
captions and accompanying text, the book provides an outstanding
insight into the various operations and the claustrophobic existence
of the crew, where they lived in cramped and often deplorable
conditions. It depicts how this potent force became one of the most
dominant German fighting units during World War Two, and became such a
worry to Allied shipping that even Winston Churchill himself claimed
that the `U-boat peril` was the only thing that ever really frightened
him during the war.
On their defeat hung the outcome of the war, and through courageous
and determined resistance against overwhelming odds the Allies
eventually inflicted such catastrophic damage on the U-boats that its
losses were too great to continue. Of the 38,000 men that went to sea
onboard these deadly vessels, only 8,000 were to survive to tell the

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