Senin, 15 Maret 2010

Soldier Magazine 2007.12 - 2010.03 (All Issues)

Soldier magazine itu kalo di Indonesia mungkin majalah Defense, atau
TSM (technologi dan strategi militer)... hehehehehe.. aduh ketauan
dech gua jadulnya.

So.. buat yg jaman dulu ngumpulin majalah TSM sampai bertumpuk-tumpuk
cocok banget dech buat punya di ebook militer. kekekeke

Soldier Magazine 2007.12 - 2010.03 (All Issues)
English | 29 issues | 1.03GB | PDF (rar)

SOLDIER Magazine, the official monthly publication of the British
Army, is produced by an in-house team and published by the Ministry of
Defence. It strives to offer an effective means of communication aimed
primarily at junior ranks but also of interest to all ranks of the
British Army, cadets and the wider military community, including
veterans and members of the public with an interest in militaria. Its
objectives include providing a channel of welfare information;
promoting the British Army's image internally and externally; and
contributing to the upkeep of morale within the Service.


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