Sabtu, 27 Maret 2010

ebook militer - New Vanguard - King Tiger

Ebook militer - New Vanguard. Membahas teknologi militer yang
merupakan senjata terbaik dan terbaru pada zamannya.

Kali ini membahas mengenai tank terdahsyat milik jerman yaitu King
Tiger (koenigstiger).

As World War II entered its later stages and Germany was forced
increasingly onto the defensive, the need for fast-moving mobile
forces lessened and the Wehrmacht required better protected and more
powerfully armed tanks. After debacles against the T-34, Hitler and
the Panzerwaffe were determined not to be unprepared again. The result
of this determination was the production of the heaviest and largest
tank to see combat during World War II, the Tiger II or Konigstiger
(Kingtiger). This title examines this formidable weapon, covering the
problems and controversies surrounding its design and production as
well as a detailed listing of every unit that was equipped with the
Tiger II.

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