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ebook militer - New Vanguard - US Navy Carrier

Mark Stille, US Navy Aircraft Carriers 1922
Prewar classes (New Vanguard 114)
Osprey Publishing | ISBN 9781841768908 | October 12 2005 | PDF | 48
pages | 48,50 Mb

The USS Langley, the first American aircraft carrier, entered service
in 1922. Despite being converted into an aircraft tender, it was the
first step in a new direction for the US Navy and naval warfare. This
book covers the design, development and operation of USN aircraft
carriers built prior to World War II, including their aircraft and
weaponry. It also explains their various successes and losses such as
the first carrier vs carrier battle at Midway; the battle of the Coral
Sea; the battle of the Philippine Sea; and the Operation Torch


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