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ebook militer - Soviet/Russian Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Y.Gordon - Soviet/Russian Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
Midland | 2005 | ISBN: 1857801938 | 131 pages | PDF | 107.99 MB
Red Star vol.20

While Soviet combat aircraft have received extensive coverage, the
many UAVs developed in the Soviet Union and, more recently, Russia
remain unsung. Nevertheless, this is a subject deserving attention.
The first Soviet UAV to find large-scale use was the La-17 developed
by the Lavochkin OKB, a fighter maker of World War II fame; it came in
both target drone and reconnaissance versions. The Tupolev OKB, best
known for its heavy bombers and commercial aircraft, also had a line
of UAVs of varying size. The first of these was the Tu-123 Yastreb
which started life as a heavy cruise missile but evolved into a
supersonic unmanned spyplane; the book also describes the Tu-141
Strizh (Swift), which again came in reconnaissance and target
versions, the Tu-243 Reys (Flight) and the latest Tu-300 recce/strike
UAV. The Yakovlev OKB's unmanned aircraft are also covered, including
the Pchela (Bee) surveillance UAV which has seen operational use in
the Chechen wars; mention is also made of UAVs and drones developed by
such companies as Strela and the Moscow Aviation Institute. The book
is richly illustrated with black-and-white and color photos, including
until-now unpublished ones, and line drawings.


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